Health and Safety Support

Health and Safety

M2HSE consultants can offer advice and support to develop safe systems of work including site visits, company policies, RAMS, cost effective health and safety solutions, staff training

Carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment is mandatory for each company to ensure compliance with government guidelines and a safe and secure work environment for everyone. Our team can support you will all aspect related to the coronavirus risks and control measures

Our staff can conduct external audits of your company health and safety management which involves a thorough examination of the company’s site documentation and works carried out. A report will be issued with recommendation for improvement measures where necessary

Our health and safety advisors can conduct site inspections to ensure compliance with the law requirements and company policies, standards and procedures. A report will be issued with advisory improvement measures where necessary.

We provide support in developing Risk Assessment and Method Statements for all site activities which will outline the hazards and risk involved,  methods and indications of how the work must be completed, control measures in place, staff training required, plant and materials to be used

We can conduct professional fire risk assessment for your workplace and premises which will outline the risks and hazards along with control measures that must be in place to ensure compliance with current guidelines and legislation

Our team can provide support in developing adequate and professional fire strategies and procedures for your workplace as part of your management plan to ensure legislation complacency

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is a law requirement. Our heath and safety advisors can assist you in developing COSHH assessment to identify what the health hazards are, the control measures that must be in place, staff training required and supply of relevant information

Our team can support you in developing a suitable and adequate traffic management plan in line with the current legislation and your specific requirements to ensure a safe workspace and environment

We offer a full health and safety documentation service where our team will develop all specific health and safety document relevant and required to you activities to ensure that the works can be conducted within the law requirements and cost effective

M2HSE Consulting & Recruitment can arrange all construction related training courses relevant to your company and activities to ensure staff competency and high quality of works